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I would like to know is this company is a scam ?I've ask for a loan of US$2 million for investment in a business and I was told to make payment of US$10,000.00 for the legal fees and services charge for the law firm who help to process the loan.

They help to find investor which the name of the investor given to me is Engr. Nicolaescu A. Mircea and I found out that this person is already 82 years old and I find that hard to belive because of his age, at this age 82 still do investment for new business under his own name instead of his own company and we are talking about 13 years investment plan if he ( the investor ) can survier till 95 to get back all his money with interest.

So is there anyone out there know about this law firm that help people find investment and got scam for paying them the fees and did not get your loan.Thanks

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